Digital video in ITE

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Student teachers producing digital media

Lesson idea. This development idea involves the use of digital video. Student teachers are encourage to develop their digital literacy skills by producing digital media in the form of videos about Sheffield. The students were encouraged to try and recognise similar opportunities for the use of digital video creation techniques in their own teaching practice and to reflect critically on their impact and value. The students filmed their scenes using video cameras and iPads and then edited them using iMovie [1] on Apple Mac and iPads, as well as Windows Live Movie Maker [2] on the PC.

Teaching approach. This activity is a cross-curricular(subject) activity, involving a collaborative(tool) approach, giving student teachers the opportunity to work together whilst making digital media in the form of films. The activity furthers e-skills(topic) and also helps to develop discussion relating to e-safety(topic). The topic of location provided the stimulus for the videos. Equally, however, this approach could be applied to any topic or subject in school. The use of video also encouraged active learning(ta), with the students developing their own skills through direct participation in the creation process. (edit)

Resource details
Title Digital Video in ITE
Topic [[Topics/E-safety|E-safety]],  [[Topics/Video|Video]],  [[Topics/E-skills|E-skills]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Active learning|Active learning]]

Learning Objectives

To create digital video in order to enhance digital literacy skills


[[Resources/Literacy|Literacy]],  [[Resources/History|History]],  [[Resources/Pre-Service Teacher Education|Pre-Service Teacher Education]],  [[Resources/ICT|ICT]],  [[Resources/Cross-curricular|Cross-curricular]]

Age of students / grade


Additional Resources/material needed

Video Cameras, iPads

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This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study Use of digital video with PGCE students. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: