Getting Your Formulae in Shape

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Solving a card sort for perimeter, volume and area formulae

Lesson idea. This resource is a 3 page PDF with formulae for perimeters, areas and volumes of shapes, which are organised around hexagons. They can be cut out and students asked to arrange the correct formulae next to the correct type (perimeter, area, volume). For more able students, you may wish to cut the formulae off from the shapes they refer to, and ask students to match these too.

Teaching approach. This resource provides an opportunity for some revision of shape formulae - perimeter, area, and volume. It encourages pupils to engage in effectivereasoning(ta), and group talk(ta), and could be used as an effective assessment(ta) tool. The task could be differentiated(ta), or extended for a whole class by cutting the 'formulae' lines off the bottom of each hexagon, and asking students to match these to the shapes, prior to matching the shapes to the formulae type. (edit)

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Title Getting Your Formulae in Shape
Topic [[Topics/Shape|Shape]]
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[[Teaching Approaches/Assessment|Assessment]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Group talk|Group talk]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Differentiation|Differentiation]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Reasoning|Reasoning]]

Learning Objectives

To know

  • The difference between perimeter, area, and volume formulae
  • To know the formulae for calculating properties of particular shapes


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