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Many of the materials from the Teach & Learn programme have been made available via OpenLearn.

OpenLearn aims to break the barriers to education by reaching millions of learners around the world, providing free open educational resources (OER) and inviting all to sample courses that our registered students take – for free!

Relevant resources

Geography in Education Geography in Education
Where is it? Exploring the place of geography in the curriculum
This unit looks at the contribution that geography can make in the education of young people and the characteristics and purpose of geography as a subject.
Global education A global dimension to science education in schools
Science and technology beyond the Western world
This study unit is aimed at teachers who would like to give a more global feeling to their teaching. It shows how to source articles with an emphasis on science and technology beyond the Western world and how to incorporate them into teaching the curriculum.
ICT Creativity and ICT
Building communities and exploring creativity
This unit engages with the debates surrounding the term ‘creativity(tool)' and explores ways in which ICT(i) creates new opportunities for creativity and collaboration(ta)
Science Education Changes in Science education
Get down to the core of why we teach science
Providing an overview of current issues in UK science education, this unit examines what type of science the curriculum should cover and for what purpose. It introduces students to practical problems in the delivery of an effective science curriculum(topic), and particular questions at all three educational tiers - primary, secondary and tertiary - are touched on. The unit can be used to assist curriculum planning(topic)
Visualisation Using visualisation in maths teaching
Thinking about visualisation in education.
This unit looks at visualisation(ta) as it relates to mathematics, focusing upon how it can be used to improve learning. It also identifies ways in which to make more use of visualisation within the classroom.