Progression & questioning techniques in primary science projects

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Measuring force and measuring progress.

About. A table of questions to use when children work on forces and air resistance:

Pedagogical content. This resource provides an overview of the Year 6 scheme of work - 6E Forces in action and includes some experiment examples. The experiments could be run in class, with increasingly advanced objectives(i) including students' use of language(ta), the factors they discuss, the way they use equipment, assessment(i), etc. This resource can work as standalone lesson ideas / science projects /inquiry(i), or to illustrate progression of concepts through a scheme of work or curriculum planning(i) document. (edit)

Resource details
Title Progression and questioning techniques in primary science projects
Topic [[Topics/Progression|Progression]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Language|Language]]

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding levels of progress in science.
  • Identifying achievement levels in the use of scientific investigation tasks.

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