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How to make your own collection of resources with 'Book creator'

If you have found more than a few useful resources here, 'CREATE A BOOK' allows you to collect, save and download them for keeps. Do you only need resources for primary science? Or just ideas for ICT in maths or English? Or examples of dialogic teaching? Whatever your particular need, here is what to do:

  1. Start making a book (
  2. Use our menus and category links to find a resource page you want to keep.
  3. Each page you visit now has a box at the top to let you add the 'page' to your collection so far.
  4. When you're done collecting, choose 'show book' and adjust as shown in the video.

For a general idea, see this tutorial video on how to create books in other wiki sites. To start collecting a book of ORBIT resources - go to the page link above. And feel free to post your book of selected resources here to help the next person.

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The ORBIT Book creator is on this page: