Sharing ideas introducing wikis

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About. A course based around the action research cycle, looking at the use of Wikis in education. We have used elements of this course material (see below) elsewhere on the wiki.

Pedagogical content. When used properly, wikis(tool) are powerful tools that enable sharing of information and knowledge. This course explores how they can be used in the classroom to improve teaching and learning and enable collaboration(ta) on group work(ta) projects. It also covers important considerations such as e-safety(topic) and e-skills(topic) as well as ways to engage in sharing practice(topic). (edit)

Resource details
Title Sharing ideas introducing wikis
Topic [[Topics/E-safety|E-safety]],  [[Topics/Sharing practice|Sharing practice]],  [[Topics/Wikis|Wikis]],  [[Topics/E-skills|E-skills]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Group work|Group work]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Collaboration|Collaboration]]

Learning Objectives

Professional and reflective practitioner skills
At the completion of this course, students should be able to:
* identify opportunities for groups of learners to contribute to a class wiki,
* consider how wikis may be used in other contexts to encourage learners to contribute to a suitable learning activity.
Practical skills
At the completion of this course, you should be able to:
* create a wiki page,
* make use of wikis that are already available on their school VLE or learning platform.
Knowledge and understanding
At the completion of this course, students should be able to:
* recognise how a wiki can be used to encourage learners to contribute to a class project,
* understand how to support learners in a wiki-based activity by providing ground rules and making all learners feel able to add to the wiki.
Cognitive skills
At the completion of this course, students should be able to:
* critically assess the use of wikis as a tool for primary learners to contribute to a shared activity,
* discuss the issues around codes of conduct for wiki contributions.

Format / structure

Various online activities.


[[Resources/Teacher Education|Teacher Education]],  [[Resources/Primary|Primary]]

Age of students / grade

[[Resources/Primary KS1 KS2|Primary KS1 KS2]],  [[Resources/Secondary|Secondary]],  [[Resources/Primary|Primary]],  [[Resources/Higher|Higher]]

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Other (e.g. time frame)

Duration of the course: 5.5 hours (including a 2 hour face-to-face session with a facilitator) over six weeks

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You can get a taste for this resource (an edited version, and without the interactive content) at Learning together introducing wikis/Resource