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Make a questionnaire - Google Drive

Tool Description If you need to collaborate(tool) or 'co-create' some text, a spreadsheet or a presentation, people with a Google account can edit the same document at the same time. One day, probably yesterday, doing so will be as passé as keeping all your work in the cloud(tool)! However, Google Drive also allows you, or students to make a questionnaire for circulation.

To make an online questionnaire(tool), go to GOOGLE DRIVE (previously Google Docs at and create a form (instead of creating a document as one might normally). You will find a choice of question types to use, such as multiple choice and free-response answers. Look and you'll find a very useful button for copying a question so that you can edit the copy. When you have finished, the link to the question form is circulated to students, their answers are collated into a spreadsheet that will appear on your Google Drive. A comparable survey(tool) tool called SURVEYMONKEY ( is much used for customer feedback. Either of these versatile devices may be used by students to research, poll opinion and more. (edit)

Teaching Approach. Google Drive can be used as a collaborative(tool) document editor for group work(ta) and collaboration(ta) in class and homework(ta) settings. Google Drive - or similar tools - can also be used to deliver polls(tool) and questionnaires(ta) to pupils in and out of class. (edit)

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Title Make a questionnaire
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Online tool requires a Google account. The form tools are very flexible, it's free.

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