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CPD Encouraging Pupils to Ask Effective Questions
Getting pupils to do the questioning
This resource describes some methods to encourage pupils themselves to engage in effective questioning(ta) - an active learning(ta) approach which may be useful in whole class(ta) or group work(ta) discussion(ta).
CPD Using Thinking Skills
What do you think? Exploring thinking skills for the classroom
This resource highlights higher order(ta) reasoning(ta) skills and activities to prompt their use in classroom contexts.
CPD Structuring Learning
Thinking about sequencing and planning for high quality pedagogy
The resource includes relevant information regarding lesson and curriculum planning(ta) for high quality pedagogy.
CPD Developing Good Explanations
Say that again? Developing good explanations for classroom teaching
This resource explores some characteristics of good explanations (including linking to questioning(ta)), explaining these thoroughly and linking them to pupils' ability to engage in active learning(ta)
CPD Teaching for Metacognition
Thinking about Thinking, in the classroom context
This resource describes some strategies to engage metacognitive reasoning(ta) - thinking about thinking, for example, asking pupils to think about their own learning techniques. It includes activities to assist teachers in planning(ta) for their own teaching.
CPD Questioning - Bloom's Taxonomy
Developing questioning through Bloom's taxonomy
This resource discusses questioning(ta) and Bloom's taxonomy - which, at the higher levels, can be linked to higher order(ta) thinking skills and reasoning(ta).
CPD Using Drama Activities in your Teaching
A lesson by any other name...Using Drama across the curriculum to enhance teaching
This resource highlights some strategies to use drama(ta) activities in the teaching of other subjects. Drama(ta) can provide a useful cross curricula(i) way to prompt active learning(ta) and subsequent discussion(ta) and group talk(ta).
CPD Questioning Techniques
How do I question? Thinking about questioning techniques in the classroom
This resource explores some alternative strategies to direct questioning(ta) including some advice and activities for supporting teachers in classroom practice.
CPD Subject Specific Vocabulary
What's that word? Thinking about the language used in your subject
This resource highlights the importance of subject-specific vocabulary(ta) and its consideration in teaching as well as offering some practical tips for encouraging its effective use, and remembering in classroom contexts.
CPD Planning for Inclusion
Planning for inclusion in your classroom
This resource discusses planning(ta) for inclusion(ta), in particular as related to active learning(ta), group talk(ta) and more generally interactive pedagogy.
CPD Giving Oral Feedback
Developing good practice in giving oral feedback
This resource discusses giving oral feedback, particularly in the context of assessment(ta), which could include whole class(ta) discussion(ta) or group talk(ta), as well as questioning(ta) contexts.
CPD Choosing and Selecting Groups
What group am I in? Thinking about choosing and selecting groups
This resource discusses various options for choosing groupings for group work(ta) activities, and their benefits and limitations.
CPD Establishing Purpose for Writing
Why do we have to write it down? Thinking about why we write...
This resource highlights some key types of text, and asks teachers to think about the key texts and language(ta) in their own subjects, and how tasks can be well designed to illicit purposeful writing in their classroom practice. Teachers should consider learning objectives(ta) for purposeful writing.
CPD Guide to the DfES Resource
Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools: Leadership guide
This resource provides a general overview of the DfES Pedagogy resources (see related resources/below).
CPD Group Work - Maintaining Momentum
Keep going! Maintaining momentum in group work activities
This resource discusses some practical classroom management(ta) strategies for maintaining momentum in group work(ta) activities.
CPD Group Work - Group Size
What size group are we in today? Thinking about group size
This resource discusses group work(ta) sizes, and the practical benefits and limitations of various group sizes - from individual work to whole class(ta) work.
CPD Common Pitfalls in Questioning
Exploring problematic questions and ways to avoid them
Questioning(ta) is a key classroom practice, and skill, and can sometimes fall into the trap of focusing on lower levels, as opposed to higher order(ta) reasoning(ta) and discussion(ta) skills. This resource covers some reasons why this - and other pitfalls - occur, with some practical advice for ensuring high quality questioning in your classroom.
CPD Teaching Models
Concrete preparation – Action – Metacognition – Bridging - Mediation
This resource offers advice on planning(ta) for interactive pedagogy. Three sub-sections have been drawn from it (see related DfE resources).
CPD Sharing Learning Objectives and Outcomes
What will they achieve - outcomes, objectives, and their importance
This resource highlights the link between learning objectives(ta) and assessment(ta) for learning, and explores ways to engage in planning(ta) for, and write good learning objectives - which identify the learning to take place, as opposed to just the activity with which the pupils will engage.
CPD Giving Written Feedback
Effective methods for written feedback
This resource discusses written feedback in the context of assessment(ta) and giving clear learning objectives(ta) from any feedback given. While such feedback is often on homework(ta), the resource is intended more broadly than that.
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