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Lesson ideas that have this topic

Reading skills Reading and discussing popular science articles
Read. Get the world's view and see how science works for real
The resource relates to the importance of:
  • Scientific literacy(topic).
  • Science citizenship(topic) - understanding science in its context.
  • Literacy - understanding the role of different media in dissemination.
  • Scientific understanding of particular concepts chosen.
  • scientific language(ta).
  • scientific method(ta).

It can be delivered through a combination of homework(ta) (perhaps to find an interesting article), group work(ta) to explore various articles (perhaps in a carousel), and/or use of ICT(i) including PowerPoint files to encourage students to present an area they are interested in.

Reading skills Developing Reading
This resource is a longer DfES document on reading(i) and language(ta) development, from which more focused resources (including Approaches to Reading in the Classroom, Directed Activities Related to Text (DARTs), Subject Specific Vocabulary) are drawn