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Video/Global Poverty and ICTs 2010.mp4Introducing digital Open Educational Resources into Zambian schoolsIntroducing digital Open Educational Resources into Zambian schools through school-based professional development. This is a presentation made by Sara Hennessy of the Centre for Commonwealth Education (CCE), University of Cambridge, at the "Global Poverty and ICTs" event 26 October 2010, organised the Humanitarian Centre. It reports the findings of Phase 1 of the OER4Schools project assessing the feasibility of using Open Educational Resources (OER) in ICT-equipped primary schools in Zambia, and of using interactive teaching methods to supporting active, collaborative learning.4:21Video/Talks01The OER4Schools Professional Learning Resource
Video/Agness Tembo at eLA 2010 Zambia.mp4Agness Tembo speaking at eLearning Africa 2010 in Lusaka, ZambiaAgness Tembo speaking at eLearning Africa 2010 in Lusaka, ZambiaVideo/Talks02The OER4Schools Professional Learning Resource
Video/Introduction to Chalimbana Basic School.m4vIntroduction to Chalimbana Basic SchoolIntroduction to Chalimbana Basic School1:57Video/Talks03
Video/OCW 2012 presentationSupporting effective primary and secondary school practice through OERORBIT and OER4schools: Supporting effective primary and secondary school practice through OER20:34Video/Talks04
Video/ORBIT and OER4Schools OCW2012.mp4ORBIT and OER4SchoolsORBIT and OER4Schools (OCW 2012).30:08Video/Talks05The OER4Schools Professional Learning Resource
Video/Africa Colloquium March 2014Africa ColloquiumIntroduction to the OER4Schools Programme12:49Video/Talks06
Video/Zambia201421st century learning in Zambia - and OER4Schools.orgThis video features and It was produced by Björn Haßler (, directed by Peter Cook, and camera by Rich Peart. The video was part-funded by ARM, and part-funded by OER4Schools.7:11Video/Talks07The OER4Schools Professional Learning Resource