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Activity icon.png Whole class dialogue (10 min): Review of follow-up activities There were three tasks (one of which was optional) set as follow-up activities, which we will now review:

In Part A you were asked to carry out one same task group work and one different tasks group work in your classroom. As a group, draw out the variety of different approaches used for the following:

(a) how did you form the groups, (b) what did you do while pupils were engaged, (c) how did you ensure that all pupils were participating and (d) how did you encourage agreement, disagreement and negotiation?

Did you try out the numbering strategy for randomly selecting the presenter?

Part B: Share with the whole group any other methods that you used select group members at random for giving a presentation. Were your methods straightforward/successful/fun? Did you manage to get normally reticent students to take part?

Part C: Did anyone choose to post their questions on the Google groups for all participants? Those of you that posted/commented or replied, share with the others how you found the process and be prepared to answer any questions that other participants might have about the technicalities of the process.