All in a Jumble

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My measurements have got all jumbled up! Swap them around and see if you can find a combination where every measurement is valid.

Lesson idea. This activity involves sorting out a table of jumbled up measurements, anything from the size of a football pitch to the time taken to bake a cake. Data entries in the table should be dragged up and down until all the measurements match up sensibly. For some items there are a few numbers which would be valid. You have to juggle them to find a combination where every measurement is valid.

Teaching approach. This lesson idea is about applying and consolidating(ta).

The collection of NRICH activities are designed to develop students capacity to work as a mathematician. Exploring, questioning, working systematically, visualising, conjecturing, explaining, generalising, justifying, proving are all at the heart of mathematical thinking.

This particular resource has been adapted from an original NRICH resource. NRICH promotes the learning of mathematics through problem solving. NRICH provides engaging problems, linked to the curriculum, with support for teachers in the classroom. Working on these problems will introduce students to key mathematical process skills. They offer students an opportunity to learn by exploring, noticing structure and discussing their insights, which in turn can lead to conjecturing, explaining, generalising, convincing and proof.

The Teachers’ Notes provided focus on the pedagogical implications of teaching a curriculum that aims to provoke mathematical thinking. They assume that teachers will aim to do for students only what they cannot yet do for themselves. As a teacher, consider how this particular lesson idea can provoke mathematical thinking. How can you support students' exploration? How can you support conjecturing, explaining, generalising, convincing and proof?. (edit)

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The following parts are available: Problem, Clue, Solution, Teachers' note.

The original problem is available on the NRICH website here.


The NRICH website publishes free mathematics resources designed to challenge, engage and develop the mathematical thinking of students aged 5 to 19. NRICH also offers support for teachers by publishing Teachers’ Resources for use in the classroom.


CC-By, with kind permission from NRICH. This resource was adapted from an original NRICH resource.