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This page provides a register of OER providers in the teacher education area, links to OER search engines, and other aggregate sites, allowing you to find further resources.

OER providers

UK based

  • The VITAL project (Open University & eSkills UK) an innovative professional development programme for teachers
  • The OER Repository (University of Leicester) includes specific genetics OER for primary/secondary teaching
  • The TTRB3 - which aims to make available the evidence base for teacher education and professional development including research and policy on teaching and learning, with contributions from teachers, researchers, teacher educators and other professionals.


  • The Compass project (University of Nottingham & others) offers primary/secondary maths materials for teachers



  • The Free Reading Network (multiple stakeholders) a reading intervention program for grades pK-6 & includes lessons & ideas
  • The Curriki project (Global Education & Learning Community & multiple partners) The K12 open curricula community empowering educators to deliver and share curricula

Global OER

  • The Global Learning Portal (multiple stakeholders) to improve education outcomes in developing countries through the use of collaboration technologies
  • wikiversity is devoted to learning resources, projects and research for all levels and styles of education including professional education.

Related UK Higher Education materials

The Higher Education STEM OER wiki - guidance on OER in Science, Technology & Engineering from JISC funded projects

About OER

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OER offline

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http://education-portal.com/articles/World_Possible_Brings_Education_Resources_to_Developing_Communities.html, http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/tag/world-possible , http://pi.worldpossible.org/ http://rachel.worldpossible.org



Image repositories

OER Search Engines & aggregate sites

Use key words or tags to find teacher education resources for your subject:

  • The OER Dynamic Search Engine an opportunity to search multiple OER sites in one place BUT be careful because if you type in teacher Education it returns 785,000,000 results...
  • The OER Commons project (ISKME, California) Find Free-to-Use Teaching and Learning Content from Around the World plus a direct link to the science as inquiry results
  • The Xpert project (University of Nottingham) enabling a search of more than 300,000 OER

You can use custom search engines to search sets of sites:

Specific teacher education external resources can be found in Category:External Resource.

Google custom search for maths resources


Archived government sites relating to teacher education

Free teacher education, but not openly licensed, resources

  • Times Educational Supplement (tes) has a great collection of lesson resources contributed by organisations, teachers, etc.
  • share my lesson.com provides space for teachers to share lesson resources with each other
  • The NRICH project (University of Cambridge) enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners
  • The T-Media project (University of Cambridge) Exploring Teacher Mediation of Subject Learning with ICT: A Multimedia Approach
  • You may find Teachfind has valuable resources including many archived Government resources (e.g. Teachers TV, National Strategy, etc.).
  • The Dialogue & Interactive Whiteboard project (University of Cambridge)
  • The Thinking Together project at (University of Cambridge) offers resources for guiding group and whole class dialogue

Resources available from museums in the Cambridgeshire area