CBS server

From OER in Education

The Chalimbana Basic School server has a number of facilities, including hosting of content, as well as applications.

The webserver

When you log into a student or teacher laptop, Firefox automatically starts, asking you to select your name. Once you have done this, you see your CBS webserver homepage, which we will call your homepage.

You should see:

  • Classroom resources for YOUR lesson
    • Lesson materials for YOU
    • EtherPad for YOU - whole class
      • EtherPad for YOU - Group 1
      • EtherPad for YOU - Group 2
      • EtherPad for YOU - Group 3
      • EtherPad for YOU - Group 4
      • EtherPad for YOU - Group 5
      • EtherPad for YOU - Group 6
    • Slideshow for YOUR lesson

where 'YOU' and 'YOUR' appears as your name!


In the above list, you see that there are 7 EtherPads already set up for your use. You can either use the first one (for whole class use), or you have six EtherPads, for up to six groups. Divide the class so as to use all the EtherPads or as many as you need for your class size, then assign groups to each one and make sure they use the right EtherPad for their group. Note that the content of the EtherPad does not need to be saved: It will simply stay in that EtherPad. If you want to review the content after the lesson, you can just go back to each EtherPad in turn and see what's there.