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Remaining issues

From OER in Education

There are a number of issues remaining, that we hope to address with support from the MediaWiki Community. Some of these are also reflected in our list of "to do" items.


The OCG/PDF/Latex toolchain does not work well for us, due to the lack of support for some css (or an alternative way of formatting.

Two options are:

  • OCG/PDF/PhantomJS2 tool chain. This is planned, but contingent on release of PhantomJS2. However, one could build a toolchain using the alpha version of PhantomJS2.
  • OCG/PDF/wkhtmktopdf tool chain. In principle, given that we have the script-side working already, it should be easy to adapt a toolchain to work with wkhtmltopdf.

OCG / epub

We would also like to render to epub.

  • OCG/epub ?


There are some improvements being made (such as the incorporation of MediaWiki:Offline.css into the ZIM generation process). ZIM generation has issues e.g. due to parsoid, which are likely to affect the other extensions as well.

Other issues:

  • Where File: refers to a PDF/Word/etc file, that file should be available offline. Maybe it can be provided within ZIM. Alternatively, we can provide the PDF file separately, but in that case the ZIM generation needs to produce a directory (or zip) with the files needed (i.e. take those files from the /images directory and put them into a separate directory, or zip them up.
  • Some of ORBIT is organised through categories. Need to decide how this is reflected in the ZIM file (and mwoffline script).


E.g. section numbers (with page, e.g. 1.2.3, 1.2.4, etc.) are not preserved in the parsoid output.


  • a rel="mw:WikiLink" href="./SMW::off" title="SMW::off"

Navigation integration

Navigation could do with better integration between book extension and semantic.

Ideally Navigation would take place through a unified menu on the LHS? It doesn't seem straight forward to make the menu dynamic, but perhaps it's somehow possible?

We sometimes have extra edit buttons that we don't want to appear when not logged in - how can we do that?

Video integration

Video integration, e.g. hosting videos on "commons".