Enhancing pupil-learning on museum visits

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How taking pupils to a museum, or bringing museum artefacts into school, changes the dynamics of the learning environment.

About. Museums give children experiences beyond the everyday – experiences that enrich and build upon classroom teaching and learning. Taking pupils to a museum gives a teacher the opportunity to start afresh with each child, to reach and engage with pupils in different ways. This a tutorial unit to make better use of school days out.

Pedagogical content. This unit explores practical ways in which you can make the most of UK's extraordinarily dynamic and diverse museums(tool) and galleries. It gives you pathways into museum resources and shares examples of teachers and museum educators making the most of museum artefacts. (edit)

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Title Enhancing pupil-learning on museum visits
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Learning Objectives
  • Understanding how the use of objects and museum activities can enhance pupil learning.
  • Exploring the museum resources and support available to teachers and learning how to access them.


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Table of contents
  • Object-based learning.
  • What's out there for our school?
  • Learning styles and museums.
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