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About. Skilful teachers create effective learning situations and promote powerful learning. The impact of the teacher and the approaches to teaching that are selected cannot be overstated. Some teaching models not only help to develop pupils’ understanding of the subject-matter being taught, but can also, if approached in the right way, provide pupils with a tool they can use to support their own learning – both now and later in life. Inductive teaching, for example, requires pupils to sort, classify information and generate hypotheses and/or rules. The process of thinking inductively can be a powerful tool for solving problems, as can deductive reasoning. Teaching in these ways can provide pupils with skills and techniques they can use later in life... (This resource comprises a 28 page DfES document which can be edited).

Pedagogical content. This resource offers advice on planning(ta) for interactive pedagogy. Three sub-sections have been drawn from it (see related DfE resources). (edit)

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