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AVU 2014 slides

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  • Björn Haßler
  • University of Cambridge

Workshop contributions:

  • OER4Schools
  • OER Guidance
  • Raspberry Pi

Translations are progressing!


  • The OER4Schools resource is available at http://www.oer4schools.org (and on memory stick / paper).
  • It is an Open Educational Resource.
  • You may use it how you wish under the terms of CC BY-SA or CC BY-NC.
  • Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Sierra Leone.

OER4Schools - Features

  • Focus on learning
  • Similar in approach to TESSA, COL, lesson study.
  • A complete 2-year programme.
  • Video, produced in/for SSA.
  • Broad vision of "open"
  • Integrates ICT for subject teaching.
  • Student-centred approach.
  • Pre-service / In-service
  • Focus on learning (teachers and students)

Plan - Teach - Reflect

Session 1

  • Discovering new ideas
  • ICT practice
  • Planning classroom activities

After the session: Try the classroom ideas

Next session

  • Reflection
  • more planning

Education in SSA

  • Urban boys vs. rural girls
  • Relevance of the curriculum
  • Effective teaching practice
  • In-service vs. pre-service
  • ICT integration in education?

Join in!

  • This evening (talk over dinner, meet back here)
  • Tomorrow
  • Memory sticks + books
  • fb oer4schools
  • http://tiny.cc/oer4s