OER4Schools/Activity planning and reflection/review of follow up

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Activity icon.png Whole group reflection (15 min) on trialled digital image/mini blackboard activity and Think-Pair-Share activity. Share the reflections that you made on your trialled activities with the rest of the group:

  • What was the objective of the new activity?
  • How was the activity interactive?
  • How do you think the activity went? In particular, how did learners respond?
  • What would you change if you did the activity again?

Spend a few minutes looking at each other's reflections and then discuss the following:

  • Did participants use the lists of reflective questions to help them? How did they do this?
  • Did participants write their reflections straight after the activity or later? Which was easier?
  • Are the reflections detailed enough to be used as a portfolio submission at a later date?
  • Can you pick up any hints from each other on how to write meaningful reflections that illustrate the learning (yours and the students') that has taken place?