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Activity icon.png Whole group discussion (10 min): Concept mapping

  • Did you try drawing concept maps on the netbooks? Were you able to use coloured boxes? Briefly share issues that you were able to resolve. Discuss issues that are still not resolved.
  • Did you try the concept mapping activity with pupils in your class? How did the pupils respond to the activity, especially reasoning and building on each other’s responses? If they did this, how were you able to achieve it? Share specific examples of pupil talk and teacher talk.
  • Did you use a digital projector in the class? Was it useful for the concept mapping activity? Why?
  • What would you change when you carry out the concept mapping activity again? Make a note for yourself about any changes so you can remember for next time.

Oer4s freemind concept map.jpg

Horseshoe seating arrangement: How did the horseshoe seating arrangement go? Did you move chairs only, or desks and chairs? Do any of you have any tips for getting the students to help and for setting it up efficiently?