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Activity icon.png Smalll group review (5 min).

Part 1: You chose a set of questions from the table “Using questions as a starting point for monitoring and accountability” (Maddock et al.,2012, p. 111) to consider with your students and reflect on in your audio journal.

Working in small groups of two or three, share your reflections on the questions you chose. Why did you choose those questions? Can you see how you might use these and the rest of the questions in the future as a way of auditing your practices in the classroom and the school as a whole?

Activity icon.png Pair review (5 min).

Part 2: You carried out a planned LfL session with your students.

Now share with a different teacher to the one you planned the task with, how the LfL discussion went with your students. Did they understand the metaphor and were they able to apply it after their discussion? Look at some of the material that they produced and discuss whether or not you thought the students have understood and benefited from the LfL discussion. Drawing on each other’s ideas, how could another similar activity be followed-up with the same group of students OR to improve on the current activity with another class of students? How will you ensure that you revisit the LfL ideas regularly with your students?