OER4Schools/ICT/Becoming an expert 1

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Activity icon.png Different-tasks group work (20 min) on becoming an expert. You have looked at various ICTs now, including:

  • finding and using images
  • slideshows
  • the browser
  • GeoGebra
  • spreadsheets
  • EtherPad for collaborative writing and concept mapping

You should also be able to type more comfortably now. You should be able to develop ICT ideas that support subject learning in the classroom. You may have found that you have a particular interest in a particular application, or the particular use of an application. In this Unit, you can choose one application and deepen your knowledge.

Throughout this unit, you will have an opportunity to deepen your skills in that application. Have a brief brainstorm as a group about the different ICT skills that you have developed and see who would like to deepen which skills. Ideally as a group you will be able to cover all of the ICTs that we have looked at so far and develop experts for each application. Divide into pairs and think about what you might do for the next few sessions. Which application would you like to become more proficient in using? Is there a particular idea that you would like to work on using this application? Is there a particular project that you would like to develop using it? This is your opportunity to become an expert. As you proceed along the next few sessions, make notes about the things that you are exploring with your chosen application. In the last session of this Unit, you will be able to present this.