From OER in Education

Activity icon.png Whole class dialogue (5 min) on Etherpad. We have already used Etherpad for making collaborative notes about the sessions. Review the notes made in Etherpad so far. Does everybody understand how Etherpad works?

Activity icon.png Different-tasks group work (15 min) with Etherpad. It's now time for everybody to try out how Etherpad works. Work in pairs: One person who has more experience, and one person who has has got less experience of Etherpad. Think of some good exercises to do, that benefit from collaborative editing in Etherpad. In designing these exercises, think about two questions:

  1. How could you use Etherpad for interactive teaching in the classroom? What kind of activities would lend themselves to Etherpad? How would the use of Etherpad be different from using a text editor (without collaborative features)?
  2. How could you use Etherpad to support the present programme? For instance, some participants may want to edit and tidy up the notes from this or other sessions. Some participants could plan a lesson together.