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Activity icon.png Same-task group work (20 min) on making use of ICT in EBL. Go to the ‘Balancing Act’ simulation by following the link below. Play with the simulation for a few minutes and think about how you might use it in an EBL lesson. Can you come up with one or two enquiry questions that could be investigated using the simulation? Discuss with your colleagues how students would record their answers to these questions.


If time permits, think about reviewing the two gold star rated resources (Teaching Ideas) that accompany the simulation to see how they could be good exemplars for your EBL lesson.

Balancing Act Homework Activity 1 and 2.pdf

Balancing Act_Sample_Lesson.pdf

These are some possible extension activities you can choose to do in your own time:

1. Study other simulations that have been developed in the web page:


2. Come up with some headings under which to review the simulations and resources that this website pages could offer for an EBL lesson. For instance, you could assess the simulations and resources in terms of:

  • the level of enquiry they promote
  • ways of extending/differentiating the level of enquiry
  • how user friendly is it for yourself and students
  • how engaging will it be for the students
  • the relevance to your teaching subjects or curriculum in general