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Review of follow-up activities

Activity icon.png Whole group reflection (5 min) on digital image slideshow activity .

Part A: Homework in class. Spend a few minutes reading through your reflections (on the digital image slideshow activity that you did with your class) before discussing these questions as a whole group: How did the digital image slideshow activity go? Was it more or less successful than last time? Why do you think that? How did you choose to arrange the students for the activity? Did you manage your resources well?

Activity icon.png Small group discussion (10 min) on planned digital activity .

Part B: Homework outside teaching. You have planned a simple activity using digital resources in some way to support learning in a lesson you will be teaching some time in the near future. Share your completed activity template with a partner from the same year group if possible. Last time you were asked to come to the lab to find resources. What resources did you manage to find for your ICT-based activity? How did you find them? Was it easy? What do you think can be done with them? Show each other any resources you have uploaded and make a note in your reflective journal of any useful feedback you receive from your partner.

Part C: ICT task. Spend a few minutes discussing as a whole group, any issues you had with the ICT task.

Educator note

Discuss the use of ICT with groups of participants as they are sharing their activity plans with each other. Does it support interactive teaching? How?

Make sure that participants

  • have all recorded their audio reflections (make sure they can all use the upload script),
  • have all come into the lab to practise their ICT skills, and
  • are able to save whatever resources they have found into the “lesson_resources” folder, and then to transfer the contents onto the server.

Also, make sure that the participants know the email address of the mailing list you are using! For the OER4Schools programme, we are using a mailing list at google groups: oer4schools (at) googlegroups.com.

If you need additional ideas for creating ICT-based activities, here are some examples, all to do with photos.