OER4Schools/Introduction to Assessment for Learning/review of follow up

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Activity icon.png Whole group discussion (15 min).

  • Did you update the word document My assessment inventory.doc (info) and save it in your files area on the desktop? Discuss if there were any issues as this activity will be repeated again this week.
  • Did you use the Traffic Lights in your class? Share your experience by answering these questions:
    • For which topic did you ask your students to use Traffic Lights?
    • Did you try different ways of using them such as holding them up all together or putting them forward on the table while they were working?
    • How did you handle when students showed different lights?
    • Did you employ classroom assistants for helping with Traffic Lights? Will you do it again? Why?
    • From your experience, discuss any advantages or disadvantages of using them in your context.
  • How did your students handle using the Traffic Lights? (e.g. ease/ difficulty of using them, indicating proper/improper light) What steps will you take so that this can be improved in future lessons?
  • Did you manage to see the video and Powerpoint shown in the last session together after the workshop? Share if you observed anything new about the concept of AfL or practice of AfL in classroom (i.e. share something that was not discussed in the workshop last week).