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GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that integrates geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one powerful yet easy-to-use package. It has received several educational software awards in Europe and the USA and is used all over the world. The software is being downloaded more than 500,000 times a month, globally.

Activity icon.png Practical activity (30 min) using GeoGebra to draw polygons . Working in small groups of three to four participants, complete the following activity: Draw 10 different shaped polygons using GeoGebra. As you draw, think about what is the same and what is different between those polygons, and how you could classify them into different groups.

You may like to refer to this YouTube clip if you are not certain about how to make use of GeoGebra:


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Simple Polygons in GeoGebra

Simple Polygons in GeoGebra

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Take some time to look at the different polygons you have drawn and try to find similar characteristics in some or all of the polygons. Try to group these polygons together and classify them with some sort of descriptor. For instance, some of them may look symmetrical, some may look like regular polygons, or some may have right angles. Be prepared to discuss with your group participants how you have classified them.

Educator note

Note that GeoGebra is quite a complex application, and we're not immediately asking participants to trial this in the classroom. We'll do more GeoGebra-based activities throughout the sessions, and will then trial it in the classroom too. If there is time, introduce and/or demonstrate the web based GeoGebra activities below.

This activity will orientate you to make use of GeoGebra to create basic polygons. You will need to access a computer/laptop/netbook and internet. Access a web-browser and navigate to this page: http://mathandmultimedia.com/geogebra/

We will suggest that you go through the exercises in the page in this order:

  1. GeoGebra Basic Construction 1 – Constructing an Equilateral Triangle
  2. GeoGebra Basic Construction 2 – Constructing an Isosceles Triangle
  3. GeoGebra Basic Construction 3 – Constructing a Right Triangle
  4. GeoGebra Basic Construction 4 – Constructing a Square
  5. GeoGebra Basic Construction 5 – Constructing a Rectangle
  6. GeoGebra Basic Construction 6 - Constructing a Parallelogram
  7. GeoGebra Basic Construction 7 – Constructing a Rhombus
  8. GeoGebra Basic Construction 9 – Constructing a Kite

You can print this content on a separate sheet here: OER4Schools/Geogebra exercises.