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This resource is part of the OER4Schools programme.


This activity requires one of the following files

Start by downloading the presentation files above (or the pictures individually), and look at them. With a grade buddy, use presentation software to arrange and present them in the right sequence. If you have difficulty arranging the slides, read the background note below.

Brainstorm some topics that you can assess using the activity ‘sequencing’. Note those topics down, so that you can find images later.

Arranging slides in OpenOffice Impress. When you open a presentation, you see the first slide displayed in a larger window in the middle of the screen. To the left, you see small pictures of all of the slides in the presentation, like a "film strip". To rearrange the slides, you can simply click on a slide with the mouse, and (while holding down the mouse button), drag it to a different position.

Find some appropriate images, and make your own presentation for your students to re-order. You can find pictures that are open resources (Creative Commons licensed) at http://www.flickr.com/search/advanced/.

We will do a similar activity on the Monarch butterfly in the context of assessment for learning.