OER4Schools/Starting the enquiry based learning process/review of follow up

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Activity icon.png Small group activity: (20 min) review of homework. Get into your small group of last week’s ‘making use of enquiry ideas A-E’ activity to discuss your homework tasks. You will remain in these small groups for most of the activities for this session.

Homework A: Small group planning task (5 mins)

Spend a few minutes discussing with your colleagues the resources you have developed (on enquiry ideas A-E) that you will be using later. You may like to consider some final editing of the resources (e.g. worksheet) or to make sure that you have all the items required (e.g. papers for paper aeroplane) to carry out the investigation later.

Homework B: Developing internet search skills (5 mins)

Discuss briefly with each other any new discoveries you have made when using Google. If you have managed to search for the video clip on the internet on EBL & OER use at the Aisha Project School, Zambia, share with each other what you have learnt from the teacher on enquiry-based learning through the use of ICT.

Homework C: Planning ‘project or field day’ (10 mins)

Share in your small groups, any new ideas about the ‘project day’ or ‘field trip’:

  1. Topic/level of students.
  2. Lesson objective/success criteria.
  3. Venue for the event.
  4. Sample questions that ask learners what they know/think about some aspects of your chosen topic.
  5. Possible resources that you can make use of for this event.
  6. Use of ICT (if applicable).