Unit 2 - Whole class dialogue and effective questioning

From OER in Education



We are now starting a new unit. The unit’s focus is whole class dialogue and effective questioning. It covers:

  • creating a supportive environment for dialogue;
  • introducing cumulative talk – creating a story together;
  • promoting and managing whole class discussion;
  • types and examples of effective questions to ask in class, and
  • how to engage students in activity at the blackboard.

At the end of this unit, we consider how to communicate with other teachers at the school, with parents, head teachers, as well as officials who might seek to assess your new teaching practices. It also includes some material to support school leaders in providing a conducive learning environment for their staff.

In terms of ICTs, this unit introduces GeoGebra and collaborative writing. You should continue practising your other ICT skills, including typing, and making use of images.

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