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This resource is part of the OER4Schools programme.


OER4schools Audio Diary: Information

The purpose of the audio diary is to register your thoughts and perceptions on the use of interactive teaching and ICTs in your classroom. You should try to do interactive activities in your lessons as frequently as possible and should aim to integrate ICTs in your teaching AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Ideally, you ought to RECORD ON THE DICTAPHONE A COUPLE OF TIMES A WEEK, including after every lesson taught using ICTs. If for some reason you did not manage to use ICTs during a particular week, we ask you to record after an interactive lesson so that you still make at least one record a week.

Please speak as clearly as you can when recording the audio diary in order to avoid misunderstandings or loss of information.

OER4schools Audio Diary: Guidance

The questions listed below aim to help you organize your thoughts and observations when integrating ICTs in your lessons. They are meant to be a mere guide to help structure your audio-diary. Therefore, please feel free to include any other information you think is relevant.

  1. What is your NAME and GRADE? My name is …
  2. What is the DAY OF THE WEEK AND THE DATE today? Today is Monday the 23rd of January 2012
  3. What SUBJECT was the lesson (e.g. maths / science / other) and what was the lesson about (i.e. the topic, e.g. long division)?
  4. What INTERACTIVE technique did you choose to use (ICT-based or not ICT-based)?
  5. What RESOURCES were used (both ICT and non-ICT)?
  6. What did you EXPECT to achieve with the strategy adopted?
  7. What were the OUTCOMES? (e.g. What do you think pupils learned about the topic? How can you tell? Any unexpected occurrences?)
  8. If ICT was used, do you think the USE OF ICT in this particular lesson contributed to pupil understanding of subject concepts? How?
  9. What DIFFICULTIES did you encounter?
  10. What were the POSITIVE aspects of this experience?
  11. What would you DO DIFFERENTLY NEXT TIME?
  12. Were the OER4Schools WORKSHOPS useful in helping you to plan this lesson and to prepare you for the challenges experienced? How? Which one(s) and in what way?
  13. Every two weeks, please answer this question too: Looking back over the last two weeks, what do you think was the MOST SIGNIFICANT CHANGE in the quality of teaching and learning in your classroom? Why do you think it was significant?
  14. Any other comments about how you are getting on with NEW INTERACTIVE TEACHING TECHNIQUES?