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This resource is part of the OER4Schools programme.


For each reflection, first note down the day of the week and the date today, so that you can keep track of your reflections and how your teaching practice evolves over time.

Questions to help you:

  1. What subject was the lesson (e.g. maths / science / other) and what was the lesson about (i.e. the topic, e.g. long division)?
  2. What interactive technique did you choose to use (ICT-based or not ICT-based)?
  3. What resources were used (both ICT and non-ICT)?
  4. What did you expect to achieve with the strategy adopted?
  5. What were the outcomes? (e.g. What do you think pupils learned about the topic? How can you tell? Any unexpected occurrences?)
  6. If ICT was used, do you think the use of ICT in this particular lesson contributed to pupil understanding of subject concepts? How?
  7. What difficulties did you encounter?
  8. What were the positive aspects of this experience?
  9. What did the children get out of the activity? How can you tell?
  10. How did you (as the teacher) find out what the children learnt / thought about the activities / got out of them?
  11. What did you (as the teacher) get out of it?
  12. Did you find it difficult?
  13. Did the activity allow students to meet the learning objective that it was designed to address?
  14. What would you do differently next time?

Space for your own questions:

  1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________________________________________________________