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Amendments to this page

Needs to be more informative for people coming to this cold....

  • Are you a teacher?
  • Are you a policy maker?
  • Are you a lecturer?

Ideas from HN for improving key messages on this page:

- Move credits for authoring to the bottom - Make the first bit of text you read make it clear what the resource is and who it is for - Add links to the ‘contact us’ bit re: collaboration - Have fewer links in the first paragraph - Have less information on this page - Reduce section 3 (overview of the resource) to a bullet list - there are at least 3 overviews of one sort or another on this page - reduce. - Consider excluding units at the bottom - they are already at the top

Possible new intro text:

Welcome to the OER4Schools professional learning resource for teachers. The resource is a complete and free-to-use professional development programme for developing interactive pedagogy with and without Information and Communication Technology. The resource was developed in a Zambian primary school context but is widely applicable in other contexts to improve teaching and learning.

The resource has been developed by the University of Cambridge Centre for Commonwealth Education as part of the OER4Schools project [embed link to page].

Working on this resource

This talk page collects useful links together, for working on the resource. For creating new sessions, see OER4Schools/SessionTemplate. The information on this page is at a slightly higher level, to do with management of the resource overall.

Pages with To Do items

See Category:Pages_with_To_Dos.

Overarching concerns template

(Edit activity, Edit name)

CBS specfiic parts

{{CBS specific|

Switching on/off for the "Review of follow up"

Template:Review of follow up, Template:Setting of follow up

Session Template





Show list of where videos have been used

Helpful things

How to add a session to the OER4Schools resource

Create a new page from the session template, and paste in


at the top, followed by the page contents.

To generate the participants version: At the bottom on the menu of the new page, you see 'Participants version' in red: Click on that link, and on the page insert


This automatically generates the participants' version of the page (which will stay in sync and up-to-date as the Facilitators page changes).

More detailed instructions on the OER4Schools/SessionTemplate.

ICT parts of the sessions

See OER4Schools/ICT. They are kept separate so that they can be moved between sessions more easily.