Teaching the Science of Contemporary Issues

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About. Delving into key ideas can stimulate pupils’ curiosity and help them to make connections between different areas of science. Every day the media carry 'scientific' stories, requiring us to engage a scientific concept or make a judgement.

Pedagogical content. This longer (32 page) resource provides useful guidance, examples, and CPD activities for exploring contemporary issues in science, particularly to stimulate effective group talk(ta) and discussion(ta), and provoke pupil's interest in science. (edit)

Resource details
Title Teaching the Science of Contemporary Issues
Topic [[Topics/Contemporary issues|Contemporary issues]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Group talk|Group talk]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Discussion|Discussion]]

Learning Objectives

The document has a set of activities and practical examples. In working through this you explore ways to explore contemporary issues in science.

Format / structure

The resource comprises one 32 page DfES document (Ref: DfES 0697-2004 G) in editable format (.doc)


[[Resources/Teacher Education|Teacher Education]],  [[Resources/Science|Science]]

Age of students / grade

[[Resources/Secondary|Secondary]],  [[Resources/Higher|Higher]]

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