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0:00:01.310,0:00:08.310 OK, so it's time for science now. We are going to do an activity. Some of you here come from

0:00:10.340,0:00:15.510 Kabanana, Chipata, Chizanga, from different places?

0:00:15.510,0:00:16.279 Yes.

0:00:16.279,0:00:23.279 So, what I would like you to do is at least tell me the name of an animal you know. OK?

0:00:26.249,0:00:33.249 So, for this one, since I want all of you to participate, no hands up OK? So as you

0:00:34.670,0:00:41.670 are seated there just think of an animal that you know and make sure you don't mention

0:00:43.100,0:00:50.100 the animal that your friend has already mentioned. So start thinking now. Start thinking of an

0:00:52.490,0:00:59.490 animal you know which is found in your environment. Start thinking now and then when I point at

0:01:00.400,0:01:06.579 you just tell me the name of that animal and make sure you don't repeat the same things.

0:01:06.579,0:01:11.909 OK, so if this one mentions the name of the animal, make sure the other person doesn't

0:01:11.909,0:01:18.900 mention the same animal. OK? So we'll start with Gift, Gift?

0:01:18.900,0:01:22.679 A lion

0:01:23.000,0:01:25.500 OK, Jamie?

0:01:25.500,0:01:26.579 A dog

0:01:27.500,0:01:31.000 A dog, Justin L?

0:01:31.000,0:01:35.000 Lion

0:01:35.000,0:01:40.000 Melvin?

0:01:40.000,0:01:42.100 A Cat

0:01:42.200,0:01:44.000 A cat

0:01:45.000,0:01:48.000 Jocelyn K? A Duck

0:01:48.000,0:01:50.000 Leman?

0:01:50.000,0:01:55.000 A Chimpanzee

0:02:03.000,0:02:25.600 Morgan? Adreida? Jane?

0:02:27.000,0:02:33.000 Who hasn't said anything? Mary?

0:02:33.000,0:02:37.000 A What? Kalloo [hare]

0:02:38.200,0:02:44.000 OK, So these are some of the animals that are found in the environment.