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0:00:01.050,0:00:06.370 OK, have you ever heard of a bat's egg? No.

0:00:06.370,0:00:11.650 Or maybe your grandmother taught you about a bat's egg?

0:00:11.650,0:00:18.650 [Clarifies question in local language] So what are you telling me - that a bat lay

0:00:21.949,0:00:24.159 eggs? Yes.

0:00:24.159,0:00:28.009 So it's a bird? Now I am asking you - myself, I haven't seen

0:00:28.009,0:00:32.880 a bat's egg. So what about you - have you ever seen an egg of a bat?

0:00:32.880,0:00:39.880 No. I want you to tell me the truth.

0:00:41.219,0:00:48.219 [Inaudible class discussion] The bat's don't want to live in the village,

0:00:49.550,0:00:56.550 even in the town we have bats. So only one has seen. Where did you see the

0:01:06.080,0:01:12.080 egg? [Inaudible]

0:01:12.080,0:01:15.720 OK for a bird, let's talk about the birds. How many legs does the bird have?

0:01:15.720,0:01:15.970 Two. Exactly.

0:01:15.760,0:01:19.080 And how does it move? It flies.

0:01:19.080,0:01:26.080 It only flies? No - and walking too.

0:01:26.700,0:01:30.340 With what, with how many legs? Two.

0:01:30.340,0:01:31.490 OK - and what about a bat? It does nothing.

0:01:31.490,0:01:38.490 It goes to a branch and it looks like it's dead.

0:01:50.420,0:01:56.420 Let's look at the bat once again. OK, so we are saying that for a bird, it walks

0:01:56.420,0:01:58.510 sometimes it walks with two legs right? Yes.

0:01:58.510,0:01:59.980 And what about a bat? It can jump.

0:01:59.980,0:02:02.370 OK, does the bat have hands? No, oh, yes [lively class discussion]

0:02:02.370,0:02:03.960 Mochan, does a bat have hands? No Madam.

0:02:03.960,0:02:10.960 It only has legs? OK how many are saying it has hands?

0:02:32.060,0:02:39.060 A bat? It does.

0:02:47.460,0:02:54.460 Yes, it has hands. No.

0:03:06.709,0:03:13.709 Now, we have had a discussion on the bat. So, for today, I will leave it here and what

0:03:17.750,0:03:23.510 I would like you to do when you go home, I want you to research more on a bat. Find out

0:03:23.510,0:03:30.510 if it has legs, where it lives, how it moves, and what it feeds on, OK?

0:03:32.510,0:03:39.510 When you go home, find out about how a bat moves, if it has hands, how it feeds and where

0:03:48.660,0:03:51.410 it lives. When you come back the next lesson, you have

0:03:51.410,0:03:58.410 to tell me, OK? Find out from your friends, you can ask anyone. OK so this will be your

0:04:06.650,0:04:10.480 homework. Hello? Yes, this will be your homework and

0:04:10.480,0:04:15.280 then when you come tomorrow, you come and present. Yes.

0:04:15.280,0:04:16.539 So that's all for today.