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0:00:00.220,0:00:07.220 OK, may I have your attention? OK, what I want you to do with those images

0:00:08.250,0:00:13.600 that are on your tablet is to classify them. So what we are going to do, since we all have

0:00:13.600,0:00:20.600 blackboards, so first we will discuss as a group, and then first is that, using one board,

0:00:23.439,0:00:29.869 OK - you get one board, start making groups of the animals that are orange in colour.

0:00:29.869,0:00:36.869 So write 'orange' and then you underline. Then you say 'one'.

0:00:37.650,0:00:44.160 You go through the animals, you see the animals again, so if you see any orange animal, you

0:00:44.160,0:00:49.680 write the name - OK? So once you've finished that - listen. Once

0:00:49.680,0:00:56.350 you've finished doing that, again you pick up another board. But if you still have space

0:00:56.350,0:01:00.380 you can use the same board but if you do not have enough space, you can use a different

0:01:00.380,0:01:03.140 board or maybe you say animals with a big head.

0:01:03.140,0:01:09.470 [Laughter] Animals with a big head. Again you list the

0:01:09.470,0:01:15.330 animals that that you've seen that have a big head.

0:01:15.330,0:01:22.330 Again if the board isn't enough, again you discuss as a group. You write animals in.

0:01:24.620,0:01:31.620 You write and you list such animals, that's what I want you to do - do you understand

0:01:32.840,0:01:34.100 now? Yes.

0:01:34.100,0:01:41.100 I'm not saying you should also write these. Ah-ah, I just wanted you to have an idea - OK?

0:01:42.780,0:01:49.780 I am not saying you should also write this on your boards, no, I just wanted you to have

0:01:49.950,0:01:56.420 an idea - so all you have to do is to discuss in your groups and come up with your own features.

0:01:56.420,0:02:03.420 Don't say just because the teacher has used this, you also want to use these, no. I used

0:02:04.260,0:02:11.260 this so that you may have an idea. Don't write that - OK? So, you first discuss

0:02:11.610,0:02:18.610 in your groups. I said you shouldn't use this - think of your own features after looking

0:02:20.550,0:02:27.550 at the animals. What's that?

0:02:27.650,0:02:29.060 [Laughter]