Creativity and ICT

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Building communities and exploring creativity

About. This resource explores the nature of creativity and how to encourage creativity particularly using collaborative ICT activities.

Pedagogical content. This unit engages with the debates surrounding the term ‘creativity(tool)' and explores ways in which ICT(i) creates new opportunities for creativity and collaboration(ta) (edit)

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Title Creativity and ICT
Topic [[Topics/ICT|ICT]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Collaboration|Collaboration]]

Learning Objectives
  • Engaging in debates on different views of creativity and form a view on what creativity means.
  • Recognising the ways in which individuals can be create and generate new knowledge.
  • Exploring ways in which ICT creates new opportunities for a creative, collaborative activity.
Format / structure

Web tutorial unit with four PDF documents and six images

Table of contents

Exploring creativity

  • Creating creativity.
  • Influences on creativity.
  • How can ICT support creativity?
  • What is creativity?

Creative communities and ICT

  • A knowledge-building community - case study: Caswell's cockroaches
  • Collaborative creativity - case study: A digital arts collaboration
  • A community of writers - case study: Menon poetry
  • One hundred possibilities.
  • Next steps.
  • References and acknowledgements.
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