Group Talk and Argument

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Activities and practical examples to use group talk in science lessons

Lesson idea. Group talk includes any activity where pupils’ ideas are explored verbally between pupils, even if the final product is written or practical. Group talk can be both collaborative and competitive. This document describes the benefits to the learner and practical strategies to try in class.

Teaching approach. This Teacher Education resource covers background information, practical activities, and practical examples for engaging dialogue(ta) in the context of group work(ta) and whole class(ta) work effectively in the classroom, in particular to ensure high quality reasoning(ta). The resource encourages teachers to think about situations and prompts for argumentation(ta) and how these might be used to support the science curriculum. (edit)

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Title Group Talk & Argument in Science Teaching
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The document has a set of activities and practical examples. In working through it, you will explore how to set up situations for constructive group talk and ways to use group talk in science lessons.

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The resource comprises one 32 page DfES document Ref: DfES 0697-2004 G in an editable format (.doc)

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