Human Genome Project: From Sequencing to Sharing Genomic Information

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Discuss and share economic, political and ethical issues.

Lesson idea. This lesson idea introduces the outcomes of the international Human Genome Project including the scientists’ collaboration over DNA sequencing. An A level biology animation and an information sheet offer insights into ‘how science works’ and are used to fuel a discussion.

Teaching approach. This resource provides guidance on how to use whole class(ta) discussion(ta) and/or small group work(ta) to engage students with the science and the economic, political, ethical(topic), legal and social issues of a scientific project such as the HGP. Its focus is on the scientific method(ta); language(ta) and the nature of scientific inquiry(ta). (edit)

Resource details
Title Human Genome Project: from Sequencing to Sharing Genomic Information
Topic [[Topics/Ethics|Ethics]],  [[Topics/Genetics|Genetics]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Whole class|Whole class]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Language|Language]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Group work|Group work]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Inquiry|Inquiry]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Discussion|Discussion]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Scientific method|Scientific method]]

Learning Objectives
  • Being able to discuss the outcomes of the Human Genome Project that are being used in the development of new drugs and the social, moral and ethical issues this raises.
  • Discussing what the genome projects tell us and what they don't.

[[Resources/Biology|Biology]],  [[Resources/Science|Science]]

Age of students / grade

[[Resources/KS5|KS5]],  [[Resources/AS|AS]],  [[Resources/A2|A2]],  [[Resources/Secondary|Secondary]]

Additional Resources/material needed

There is a requirement to view a Flash animation on a computer or print student information sheets (below). The Human Genome Project student information sheet with details of sequencing within the Human Genome Project can be accessed at:

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