DNA sequencing: Ordering the stages

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The complexity and scale of genome sequencing

Lesson idea. Students discuss the stages of DNA sequencing in the lab. This lesson covers A2 - AS Biology; the principles of Sanger DNA sequencing and how recombinant DNA techniques are used to clone DNA sections.

Teaching approach. Students match diagrams of the stages of DNA sequencing with a list of text descriptions of the process. The lesson can involve students discussing in pairs / group work(ta), followed by a teacher or student-led plenary. Students would share ideas, come to a consensus and check the ‘whole class(ta) response’ with their version. The teacher's questioning(ta) can focus on scientific method(ta) and use of scientific language(ta). The lesson idea provides opportunities for the effective use of assessment(ta). (edit)

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Title How DNA is sequenced: the stages
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Learning Objectives
  • Interpreting information on the use of recombinant DNA technology.
  • Understanding that once located, the base sequence of a gene can be determined by restriction mapping and DNA sequencing.
  • Understand the principles and stages of genome sequencing and the order of nucleotides and genetic code.
Format / structure

A 6th Form activity worksheet covering A2 biology with an answer sheet. The answer sheet can be used as a stand-alone student activity or with the activity: Human Genome Project: From Sequencing to Sharing Genomic Information.


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Student worksheets include relevant colour details and need to be printed. Instead of using printed worksheets, students may use a computer screen.

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