OER4Schools/ICT/Geogebra revisited

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Activity icon.png Different-tasks group work (20 min) with GeoGebra.

Continue to try out GeoGebra. How did the GeoGebra exploration go? How can you use GeoGebra in a lesson? Use the activity template to develop an activity as you continue exploring GeoGebra.

By now, you should aim to develop some familiarity with the ICT tools that we have introduced so far, namely GeoGebra and Open Office Impress (for images), and also make progress with your typing practise. You can refer back to the introduction to GeoGebra, introduction to slideshows with OpenOffice, and typing practice with students.

Educator note

Learning about GeoGebra, Open Office Impress, and attaining reasonable typing skills are key goals for this programme. As participants practise these skills, go around the room and see whether you can identify problems.