Writing Learning Objectives in Primary Science

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How are learning objectives supposed to work? How can one achieve mastery in writing learning objectives?

About. The resource describes the development of Bloom's taxonomy. It suggests how it might be expressed as lesson objectives, Primary, exercising care over the use of certain keywords. Prompts to think about planning for differentiation are provided and followed by a page to discuss the medium-term planning of units and schemes of work.

Pedagogical content. This resource encourages teachers to think about ways to link learning objectives(ta) to the curriculum which also helps to conceptualise their teaching schemes. It also helps children to understand what they are learning and what they are aiming for. The resource brings together key ideas, looking at specific outcomes from activities, vocabulary(ta), differentiation(ta), resources and curriculum development(topic) and short term planning(ta). It could be used as a 'refresher' on ideas when planning lessons. (edit)

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Title Writing Learning Objectives in Primary Science
Topic [[Topics/Curriculum development|Curriculum development]],  [[Topics/Learning objectives|Learning objectives]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Differentiation|Differentiation]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Language|Language]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Planning|Planning]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Learning objectives|Learning objectives]]

Learning Objectives
  • Being aware of the rationale for Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Being able to identify, explain and apply the levels of Bloom's taxonomy in relation to higher order questioning skills.
  • Developing strategies relating questioning to the curriculum and progression in science.
  • Developing strategies relating questioning to vocabulary, communication of ideas, varying activities and learning objectives.
  • Considering ways to achieve differentiation through questioning.
  • Considering ways to formulate objectives on lesson plans.

[[Resources/Teacher education|Teacher education]],  [[Resources/Primary|Primary]],  [[Resources/Science|Science]]

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This resource was adapted from resources and original ideas contributed by Paul Warwick, at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.