Changing KS3 Questions for Engaging Assessment

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A large set of questions grouped by topic, paper, and national curriculum level

About. A set of exemplar resources ready for use on a classroom whiteboard or on screen. Each resource includes two PowerPoint slides, the first is for the teacher to view before the lesson. It shows a question; its level; the topics it covers and suggestions for changes that might be made. The second (and more) shows the question for the students. This large collection of questions can be used as lesson-starter activities or can run for a full lesson.

Pedagogical content. Test questions are often seen as uninteresting and useful only to assess pupils summatively. This resource however allows questioning(ta) to be used to support pupils’ revision, creativity and higher order(ta) problem-solving in class. The tasks could be conducted via whole class(ta) discussion(ta) or assessment(ta), perhaps using mini-whiteboards(tool), or in small group work(ta) situations. (edit)

Resource details
Title Changing KS3 Questions for Engaging Assessment
Topic [[Topics/Assessment|Assessment]]
Teaching approach

[[Teaching Approaches/Assessment|Assessment]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Higher order|Higher order]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Questioning|Questioning]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Whole class|Whole class]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Group work|Group work]],  [[Teaching Approaches/Discussion|Discussion]]

Learning Objectives

Using an existing resource to deepen understanding in interesting and creative ways.

Format / structure

Files are provided as individual .ppt slide presentations and bundled together as a zip file. The original SATs 2007's test papers are also available to download from the 2007 Maths SATs Papers page.


[[Resources/Maths|Maths]],  [[Resources/Teacher Education|Teacher Education]]

Age of students / grade

[[Resources/Secondary|Secondary]],  [[Resources/KS3|KS3]]

Useful information

Questions have been modified under Open Government licence (see below).

Files and resources to view and download

This resource was adapted from resources contributed by Mark Dawes

  • These files feature content from the 2007 Maths SATs Papers (without the mental arithmetic component).
  • The original questions have been modified by Mark Dawes to include teacher notes.
  • Attribution to the files should refer to the Powerpoint files stored and licenced here on the ORBIT website.