Teaching Learning Developing Approaches to CPD

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Developing effective approaches to CPD

There has been much research, particularly in the past two decades, on the effectiveness of staff development. In particular, Joyce and Showers have shown that in order to really embed change in pedagogy, a number of elements are required. These are indicated in the table on the next page, where elements of training are related to impact in terms of long-term change.

Level of impact
Training method General awareness
of a new approach
Understanding of how
to implement the
approaches in a new context
Internalising the
new approach
Able to apply
the new approach
in a range of contexts
Presentation of the approach through workshop or reading evidence
Modelling of the new approach by demonstration or video evidence evidence
Practice in non- threatening settings, e.g. simulated evidence evidence evidence
Constructive feedback on performance evidence evidence evidence evidence
In-class support such as coaching by peer or expert evidence evidence evidence evidence

Adapted from Hopkins, Harris, Singleton and Watts (2000) Creating the conditions for teaching and learning. David Fulton Publishers. ISBN: 1853466891. Used with permission.