The Process of Lesson Design

From OER in Education


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The process of lesson design

The process of lesson design is summarised below. The flowchart emphasises that lesson design can be viewed as a series of decisions, each leading to and providing a foundation for the next, building a planned series of episodes.

Locate the lesson or sequence of lessons in the context of

  • the scheme of work;
  • pupils’ prior knowledge;
  • your knowledge about the class & individuals in it

Identify the learning objective(s) for pupils

Structure the lesson as a series of episodes by separating the learning into distinct stages or steps, each of which has a specific outcome, by selecting

  • the best pedagogic approach to meet the learning objectives;
  • the most appropriate teaching and learning strategies and techniques;
  • the most effective organisation for each episode.

Ensure coherence by providing

  • a stimulating start to the lesson that relates to the objective(s);
  • transitions between episodes which recapitulate and launch new episodes;
  • a final plenary that reviews learning.