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Consider the Research - Starting Point

Research by Croll and Moses (2000) and Miller (1996) argued that teachers feel that 80 per cent of the causes of challenging behaviour amongst pupils are due to ‘within child’ or ‘home’ factors. This view is counteracted by research by Beaman and Wheldall (2000) who found:

• on-task behaviour of the same pupils varies across subjects and between teachers;

• when the level of teachers’ positive verbal interventions increases, there is an increase in the level of pupils’ on-task behaviour.

In session 1 (page 5) of the Behaviour and attendance training materials: core day 1 (Ref. DfES 0392-2003) there is a list of statements about common beliefs and attitudes held by teachers. Consider these two:

• the pupil who likes to be in trouble has yet to be born;

• good behaviour needs to be taught.

To what extent do you agree with the findings and statements above? What is your starting point?

You may find the resources on the Behaviour 2 Learn site useful (mostly Open Government Licence) http://www.behaviour2learn.co.uk/site/index.php

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