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About. A course based around the action research cycle, looking at the use of games in education.

Pedagogical content. This courses provides an introduction to games(tool) in the classroom. The course will focus on freely available online games, which can provide a starting point for exploring their use in the classroom without investment in hardware and software. At the conclusion of this course you will have engaged in lesson planning(ta), ready for implementation in your classroom. (edit)

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Title Introduction to games
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Teaching approach

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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate the following outcomes:
Professional and reflective practitioner skills
* be aware of available online games and how to link them to their curriculum plans,
* be able to reflect on, and discuss, the impact of the use of games to support learning Practical skills
* be able to support learning through the selection and use of online games in lessons.
Knowledge and understanding
* be able to demonstrate an understanding of what constitutes an online game and how it fits within game genres more generally,
* be able to demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of games-based learning in teaching and learning.
Cognitive skills
* be aware of how to critically review the use of games to support learning,
* be able to share these reviews with others and constructively critique their own and others’ views.

Format / structure

Various online activities.


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