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Pedagogical content. This course explores the stages in the development of websites from client brief to final delivery. It is relevant to all IT and ICT(i) courses at Key Stages 4 and 5 that include website and web page creation, and use of multimedia. (edit)

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Title Website development skills and applications
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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate the following outcomes: Professional and reflective practitioner skills

  • An understanding of the processes involved in the development of a website from client brief through to delivery,
  • To critically consider and discuss the areas where learners have most difficulty, including scoping and evaluation, and how these can be supported by use of learning resources from e-skills UK.

Practical skills

  • To develop a simple project plan from a suitably detailed client brief,
  • To work with learners to plan and create a website that includes animation, audio and video,
  • To support learners in the evaluation process, including user testing, collecting and analysing feedback, and planning for change.

Knowledge and understanding

  • An understanding of the content of learning materials available from e-skills UK and how these can be used with learners to develop websites,
  • An understanding of website development in the business world, and how successful development is contingent on detailed client specifications, user and audience research, and design decisions taken during the planning phase.

Cognitive skills

  • To critically discuss how employer or client requirements are a key part of providing learners with realistic modelling of website development for a purpose,
  • To discuss strategies for supporting learners in gaining confidence in the evaluation phase of website development through processes of user testing and acceptance of feedback and need for change.
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Various online activities.


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Useful information

Website developers from industry will contribute to the face-to-face training session, which will include workshops focusing on the stages of website development, including integration of audio and video. Participants will have the opportunity to advance ideas for website projects to use with learners and will see learning resources that have been created to support delivery of website development in the classroom.

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