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From OER in Education
21st century show and tellTE0107Yes
88 Miles per hourSC0023Unknown
A global dimension to science education in schoolsTE017Yes
Active EngagementTE0081Yes
Alien LifeSC0024Yes
All in a JumbleM0063
Assessment for LearningTE0082Yes
Assessment to Raise Achievement in MathsTE0074Yes
Astronomy Master ClassSC0018Yes
Blog skills for subject specialistsTE0036Unknown
Celestial WanderersSC0021Yes
Changes in Science educationTE013Yes
Changing KS3 Questions for Engaging AssessmentM0023Yes
Circles, frustums and cylinders revisionM007Yes
Classifying and organising living things using imagesSC008Yes
Collaborative Text EditorsNo
Comets and MeteorsSC0031Unknown
Common Pitfalls of QuestioningTE0094Yes
Consecutive sumsM001Yes
Copyright: keep it legalTE0042Unknown
Creating Digital Paintings using iPadsTE0125Yes
Creating Instructional VideosTE0124Yes
Creating and Using OERs to Promote Best PracticeTE0127Yes
Creativity and ICTTE016Yes
Cubic Equations and Their RootsM0031Yes
DNA sequencing: Ordering the stagesSC0016Yes
Data Logging and ControlSC0052Yes
Data logging inservice bookletSC0060Yes
Designer BabiesSC0015Yes
Developing Effective LearningTE0085Yes
Developing Good ExplanationsTE0097Yes
Developing Language in Primary ScienceTE052Yes
Developing Progression in Primary ScienceTE0049Yes
Developing ReadingTE0083Yes
Developing WritingTE0084Yes
Diagnostic Questions in Maths TeachingM0064Yes
Digital Reporters at Camp CardboardSC0055Yes
Digital video in ITETE0134Yes
Discussion in Science TeachingTE0057Yes
ESafety KS1TE0053Unknown
Effective Use of ICTEffective Use of ICTYes
Encouraging Pupils To Ask Effective QuestionsTE0093Yes
Enhancing pupil-learning on museum visitsTE006Yes, Higher, Secondary
Establishing Purpose for WritingTE0109Yes
Ethical issues in human reproductionSC0013Yes
Exploring Fibonacci sequencesUnknown
Exploring LightSC0028Yes
Exploring PatternsTE004Yes
Exploring shape properties using simple Origami foldsM0015Unknown
Exploring the intersections of digital literacy and creativityTE0110Yes
Floating and sinkingSC0044Yes
Force in the early yearsTE009Yes
Geography in EducationTE0015Yes
Getting Your Formulae in ShapeM0065Yes
Getting a buzz out of bloggingTE0025Yes
Giving Oral FeedbackTE0104Yes
Giving Written FeedbackTE0105Yes
Group WorkTE0080Yes
Group Work - Choosing and Selecting GroupsTE0098Yes
Group Work - Group SizeTE0099Yes
Group Work - Maintaining MomentumTE0100Yes
Guide to the DfES ResourceTE0087Yes
Heating and Cooling MaterialsSC005Yes
Human Genome Project: From Sequencing to Sharing Genomic InformationSC0017Yes
ICT support in education (practitioner)TE0045Unknown
IT in Primary ScienceSC0053Yes
IT in Secondary ScienceSC0054Yes
Infant and Primary Science Activities with SensorsSC0057Yes
Interactive exploration of line and rotational symmetryM0014Unknown
Introduction to Prisms in the context of ArchitectureM006Unknown
Introduction to gamesTE0028Yes
Introduction to standard index formM002Yes
It's full of starsSC0019Yes
Learning platforms all aboardTE037Unknown
Learning together developing wikisTE0035Unknown
Learning together introducing wikisTE0038Unknown
Listening - An environmental scientist talks about heat loss from housesSC058Yes
Listening - Using sensors and data loggers for agricultureSC064Yes
Love Food, Hate Waste - Simultaenous EquationsM0022Yes
Making games and motivating learners KS2TE0019Unknown
Mean/Mode/Median and Range using Olympic divingUnknown
Measuring Light - Does light shine through everything?SC0029Yes
Modeling Scientific WritingTE0066Yes
Models in ScienceTE0064Yes
Models of TeachingTE0089Yes
Monitoring TemperatureSC0027Yes
Moving and falling objectsTE008Yes
Multimedia skills and applicationsTE0033Unknown
OER4Schools/Collaborative writing with EtherPadYes
OER4Schools/Geogebra exercisesYes
OER4Schools/Lesson plan templateYes
OER4Schools/Monarch butterfly sequencing activityYes
OER4Schools/Netbook familiarisationYes
OER4Schools/Principles of interactive teachingYes
OER4Schools/Questioning checklistYes
OER4Schools/Questions you can askYes
OER4Schools/Spreadsheet exercisesYes
OER4Schools/Strategies for increasing participation in answering questionsYes
OER4Schools/activities/Traffic lightsYes
OER4Schools/activity templateYes
OER4Schools/brainstorm activity templateYes
Olympic RecordsM0057Yes
Ordering decimals using Olympic dataUnknown
Organising Group Talk in ScienceTE0061Yes
Organising images for a narrativeSC009Yes
Our Living EnvironmentTE003Yes
Perimeter and areaM0025Yes
Perimeter of a rectangleM00XXYes
Persuasive argument: Best carSC001Yes
Planning for InclusionTE0091Yes
Playing with Probability - Efron's DiceM0021Yes
Practising linear equations using pebbles on a riverM0013
Primary Science Curriculum Activities with SensorsSC0057bYes
Primary Science investigationTE0051Yes
Problem Solving in Primary EducationTE002Yes
Progression & questioning techniques in primary science projectsTE055Yes
Quadratic Graph transformation using GeogebraUnknown
Questioning - Bloom's TaxonomyTE0092Yes
Questioning TechniquesTE0095Yes
Questioning Techniques in Primary ScienceTE046Yes
Reading an articleSC0010Yes
Rearranging formulae using 'Treasure hunt'Unknown
Recording TemperatureSC0026Yes
Recreating the Big BangSC0022Yes
Researching and evaluating a digital game for the classroomTE0040Unknown
Restless EarthTE0122Yes
Sampling techniquesSC0033Yes
Sharing Learning Objectives and OutcomesTE0103Yes
Sharing ideas - developing wikis (primary)TE0024Unknown
Sharing ideas introducing wikisTE0027Yes
Structuring LearningTE0088Yes
Subject Specific VocabularyTE0108Yes
Teaching for MetacognitionTE0090Yes
Teaching the Science of Contemporary IssuesTE0059Yes
The Environment for Group TalkTE0063Yes
The Material WorldTE005Yes
The OER4Schools Professional Learning ResourceTE0106Yes
The potential of technologyTE0031Unknown
The use of mobile apps for digital story-telling with nursery pupilsTE0113Yes
Thinking about measurementTE007Yes
Trigonometry graph transformation using GeogebraNo
Types of Model in ScienceTE0065Yes
Using Drama ActivitiesTE0101Yes
Using Models and Modeling in ScienceTE0060Yes
Using Prime and Square Numbers - How Old Am I?M0020Yes
Using QR Codes to Engage Children with LearningTE0126Yes
Using Science to Support BiodiversitySC0032Yes
Using Thinking SkillsTE0102Yes
Using origami for experimental probabilityUnknown
Using the game Spore to motivate learners KS3TE0023Unknown
Using visualisation in maths teachingTE012Yes
Visualising dataSC0012Yes
Website development skills and applicationsTE0034Unknown
What makes a good paper airplane?SC0045Yes
Whats PossibleM0041Yes
Which material makes a good parachuteSC0043Yes
Working with multimediaTE0029Yes
Wow them with wikipediaTE0041Unknown
Writing Learning Objectives in Primary ScienceTE0050Yes
Writing using multimodal approaches KS1TE0020Unknown
Writing using multimodal approaches KS3TE0022Unknown